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Company Profile

The specialization of company covers a wide area of DATA STORAGE SOLUTION –from primary storage, virtualization, backup and data archiving to software management. We provide studies and analyses of client’s environment, information technologies, we propose optimal solution considering other perspectives of growth, capacity and performance demands and anticipated technologies’ development.  

We are the key partner on the market of electronic data storage devices in the Czech Republic. Our solution systems are used by hundreds of customers. Our main product is the design of individual solution, which represents the wishes and needs of client on performance, reliability, long lasting data life and costs on data storage.

Since the establishment in 2006 in the Czech Republic the company significantly expanded in the technological area not just thanks to the cooperation with the main world competitors, but first of all thanks to the fact that we have built up the strongest team of specialists in the Czech Republic.

History of Company was established in 2006. At the beginning there was a team of people with a longstanding experience in distribution of devices for storage, backup and archiving of data. The ambition to realize projects with significant added value while using extensive know-how of Data Storage was the driving force to create a new company.

It was an important change for the team of company. The nature of business had changed from distributional “box moving” to realization of extensive turn-key projects including a lot of associated services.

At the very beginning the main scope of our business was the backup software and the tape backup libraries. We managed to get over significant customers in the commercial sector (banks, utilities), and also in the state administration. A very important step we consider the widening of our product portfolio while preserving our Data Storage orientation and consequential creating of direct connection to the producers, which opened the path to the producers’ know-how and the possibility of aggressive pricing policy.

Nevertheless the main goal of our company has always been (and still is) the providing of above standard and complex services.

Key Product

The cooperation with Hitachi Vantara we consider crucial. The strong side of Hitachi is their specialization. The area of data storage is not only a supplement of their portfolio but it is its basis which is known for above mentioned extraordinary reliability and technical maturity. Hitachi covers the needs of medium and large companies but also the extreme demands on efficiency and reliability for instance in the banking area.    

We invested to the partnership with Hitachi Vantara a great deal. Hitachi gives heed to the professional qualification of their partners and gaining the certification for installation and support of each of their product is presented by whole series of training ended with difficult exams. 

We are Hitachi Vantara Platinum Partner with fully certified personnel for the design of implementation and fulfilling of customer services for Hitachi products.

We are authorized service partner for the Czech and Slovak Republic, we have the quality of the provided service under control and we are a professional partner of our customer.

Exceptionality of

We are a team of people, who are open-minded, we enjoy the work and at the same time we consider it a challenge to bring to our clients the best solutions of their needs and possible growth. The support of new ideas and “embryos” of future development is part of our corporate culture. With this natural genesis we have created specialized teams working on the issue of depth performance of disk systems and evolution of unique software devices for these analyses. The teams working on the issue of extensive data archiving became to life the same way.

We are developing other internal projects dealing with the idea of creating a complex mathematical modeling of interactions among application, server and disk systems so it would be possible to precisely predict the behaviour of systems in respect of its efficiency.