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Enterprise storage EonStro GS 300

15.10.2018 15:12 | Articles

All-in-one high-availability storage solution

We Won the CIO BW Case Study 2015 Award

12.01.2016 13:23 | Articles

Just as in 2013 we participated in the competition of CIO Business World magazine – Case Study 2015 also this year.

PF 2016

16.12.2015 09:00 | Articles

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all your data always safe.

Tape Data Devices: Revolution Called Barium Ferrite

11.12.2015 17:28 | Articles

Why does quality of different brands of media vary? The level of SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) is the key criterion for appraisal of LTO tapes. The news of industrial process is that Fujifilm (even though they are the leader of LTO devices produce with more than 50% of market share) holds the view, that so-far used technology of MP (Metal Particle) for the manufacturing of LTO5 devices is no longer the ideal technology for the produce of new generation of LTO devices.


02.12.2015 10:24 | Articles

What is more efficient – RAID 5 OR RAID 10? It looks like a seemingly simple question with a pandering answer ‘RAID 10’. Nevertheless the situation shall not be simplified and the performance potential of RAID 10 does not always have to show itself compared to RAID 5.