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Object Storage

Choose Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) to:

  • Employ a software-defined exabyte scale object storage solution.
  • Digitally transform. Quickly bridge traditional and emerging technology.
  • Centralize data management within and across clouds and storage tiers.
  • Ensure security, compliance and content preservation.
  • Gain insight from a best-in-class metadata architecture.


The specialization of company covers a wide area of DATA STORAGE SOLUTION –from primary storage, virtualization, backup and data archiving to software management. We provide studies and analyses of client’s environment, information technologies, we propose optimal solution considering other perspectives of growth, capacity and performance demands and anticipated technologies’ development.

We are the key partner on the market of electronic data storage devices in the Czech Republic. Our solution systems are used by hundreds of customers. Our main product is the design of individual solution, which represents the wishes and needs of client on performance, reliability, long lasting data life and costs on data storage.

Since the establishment in 2006 in the Czech Republic the company significantly expanded in the technological area not just thanks to the cooperation with the main world competitors, but first of all thanks to the fact that we have built up the strongest team of specialists in the Czech Republic.


Hitachi Content Platform: Enterprise-Class, Backup-Free Cloud and Archive


Organizations are swiftly assessing and adopting new technologies and information management practices to defend against and ultimately transcend digital disruptors that are emerging across every industry. Pressure is mounting from internal and external influences alike. IT is in the position to define and lead the digital transformation strategy for the organization. Initiatives such as cloud, big data, mobile and social are no longer just buzz, but imminent.

With the IT landscape continuing to evolve, it gets even more difficult to ensure the right data is at the right place, at¨the right time. The scope of sources from which data is being created or accessed is no longer exclusive to traditional applications and workloads. New technologies, third-party applications and mobile devices mean data is everywhere and constantly changing. The challenge becomes how to retain security, control and visibility of that data, at all times.

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is a secure, simple and smart web-scale object storage platform that delivers superior security, efficiency and interoperability. It allows any organization to deliver unique, feature-rich private, hybrid or public cloud storage services at a cost comparable to public cloud. The rich feature set and extensive ecosystem surrounding the platform allows organizations to improve efficiencies and optimize costs. They can choose to move data to lower-cost on-premises storage, off-site to a public cloud provider or to a combination of both.

HCP serves as the cloud storage platform for a tightly integrated portfolio of offerings built to service a wide range of information management use cases that span traditional and sustaining applications to emergent and disruptive technologies. The Hitachi Content Platform portfolio provides the ideal ecosystem to support existing content-centric applications and newer cloud use cases and workloads, simultaneously. It includes new functionality and tools that help businesses organize their data, extract intelligence and safely share it with a globally dispersed workforce, all through a single point of visibility and control.