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Enterprise storage EonStro GS 300

15.10.2018, 15:12

All-in-one high-availability storage solution


Data storage in enterprise environments is becoming more and more complex, and there are increasingly complex requirements that can result in low resource usage, low performance, and high overhead.

Traditional unified storage systems are no longer sufficient to meet current customer requirements. Many of them tend to integrate into a public or private cloud with unlimited scaling. However, cloud data and cloud migration is time consuming and costly, and cloud storage performance limits poor cloud computing.

By addressing these issues, the Infortrend GS 3000 is a converged field that connects cloud storage with local applications to offer the best of both worlds - unlimited cloud storage and high performance local storage.


The EonStor GS 3000 is a virtually all-in-one high-availability storage solution that integrates SAN, NAS, and Cloud Gateway to create a powerful hybrid cloud environment.

In addition to supporting a wide range of SAN and NAS protocols, all components are redundant, including controllers with scale up to 256GB of memory, the ability to extend number of host cards up to 4 and scale up to up to 900 physical discs.

The modular hardware design offers scalability of local storage capacity up to 9PB and further expansion of the required capacity to the cloud. The product range offers several forms ranging from 1U to 4U.

For software, you can set up your system as a hybrid storage using SSD cache, automatic storage tiering or all flash storage.

The intuitive user-friendly EonOne web environment, designed to centrally manage one or more monitored systems, enables easy monitoring of performance and capacity, or various settings of security policies and other system features.




Key Features of the EonStor GS Series

• Fully meet both NAS and SAN requirements

• Easy integration into cloud services

• Intuitive user experience

• Great ratio of high performance, capacity and price

• Flexible solution with HW and SW extension

• Modular design